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Biking is fun and it’s super fun...

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16/02/12 A Royal Ride to the Royal

A Royal Ride to the Royal

Biking is fun and it’s super fun if it’s along the NH71B to experience Rajasthan and Shekhawati at its best

Blasting off from Delhi on a cold foggy winter morning, we set out on two of our lead bikes from the pack, christened IL 78 & Jaguar (with extra fuel tank), courtesy Royal India Bikes, a New Delhi and Chandigarh-based bike rental and travel advisory.

After encountering thick fog we broke out into a fine sunny day by the time we reached Rewari, our first halt to stretch and thaw ourselves. We stopped at a road side dhabha, just after exiting NH8. Something that happened to me many times at home, happened here too.....there was no milk for the tea. The owner made a dash to the back yard, to draw milk from the buffalo, promising us tea in the next five minutes. The buffalo obliged, and we got milk for our tea. We rode on, and after a few minutes realised a navigation error which was taking us back towards NH 8 while we were to get on to NH71B. Thanks to the signeage put up by NHAI. We took our first real break short of Singhana and had the most non-fattening egg & aloo parathas with green chillies on the house ! The chef’s logic was that green chillies will keep us warm during the ride.

Our ride into deep interior Haryana & Rajputana had begun, the so called “ rural “ people seemed far more relaxed, happy and content with what they had. Buses, and occasional Boleros that rule the roads were surprisingly courteous to us, giving way to us and being considerate about the dust that they were throwing up on us.

Fields of mustard painted the landscape yellow till the eye could see, an occasional patch of onion farms waiting to be harvested and some stretches of wheat sowed areas, not to miss an occasional board of some real estate developer offering the world's most comfortable homes at cheapest prices!

By noon after a brief off-road ride of 3 kms which seemed never ending, we reached the “world's most famous” peda shop at Chidawa. Large metal kadhais that seemed to have been made from gun metal churning out some great Pedas. What remained a mystery, is why they made a dent in the peda !

With almost an hour behind schedule, we decided to test the endurance of the engines and I signaled my co-rider Vaibhav for speed to be adjusted and make up for lost time. With the jingle – Yeh Bullet Meri Jaan ( This Bullet is my life ) that I had heard as a child and still as fresh in my mind, full steam ahead Captain!

In a flash, as though we were in a Harry Potter flick, we went back in time. A slow leisurely camel cart walking as though he was on auto-pilot, Havelis that hold within them the history of families and warriors that dwelled in them – We were passing Bagar, the colourful town which is known for it's educational institutions and also for giving India one of her most illustrious and successful businessmen. It also houses my favourite non-hotel chain – Piramal Haveli by Neemrana Hotels. How I wished that there were two Sundays in a week!

There it was, the first signeage that gave directions for the Roop Niwas Kothi, thanks to my ability to decipher short forms, R.N.K. meant we are on the right track. After clearing a few obstacles (we call them speed breakers) reached the gates of the R.N.K. Welcome to Navalgarh !

It was indeed a truly Royal Experience from them time we entered the Roop Niwas Kothi. The thump of the Bullet was soon to be replaced by the sound of the hooves of the finest Marwari horses I've ever seen and in numbers larger than the Presidents Bodyguards! So if you are a serious rider, carry your trousers and riding gear along.

From the seat to the saddle, how they both behaved the same. Start a cold Bullet, and she will miss fire a bit..... saddle up a horse, and he will take time to welcome you!

How I wished, we had two Sundays! The truly royal experience was overwhelming. A village full of havelies, paintings that explain and tell stories about the region and its history.

The journey’s experience was heightened because we were on bikes from Royal India Bikes, a travel company which is a brainchild of Rajiv Singh Yadav, a Logistics & Shipping specialist with 18 years experience, an ardent biker and traveller himself.

The company provides new bikes, best equipment and travel tips for serious bikers and their service extends from the Himalayas to the plains of Rajasthan to the Nilgiris in the south.

Royal India Bikes
Motorbike Rentals & TravelAdvisories
B-101, Niti Bagh,
New Delhi – 110049

Phone: +91 1146052519
Mobile: +91 9910012597
Email: rajiv@royalindiabikes.com

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