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1) How do I get started?

Read the Affiliate Programme Operating Agreement

Sign Up: complete our brief Online Registration Form

We typically review new registration forms within 48 hours. You will be sent an email with your username and confirmation of your chosen password after your site has been approved, you’ll then be able to set up your links as per the Linking Instructions.

Start Earning Referral Fees You’ll automatically be eligible to earn referral fees for sales generated by your links once your site has been approved. You'll always have access to your earnings and traffic reports by logging in. Referral fees are paid at the end of each quarter.

2) Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

No. There is no applicable joining charge and there is no minimum sales requirement or sales quota you must reach before earning referral fees with our programme. You start earning straight away.

3) Does my website qualify for the Affiliate Programme?

Most motorbike websites will qualify to participate in the programme; however, we may reject websites that we determine are unsuitable. Examples of sites that would not qualify for participation include:
• sites that promote sexually explicit material
• sites that promote discrimination
• sites that promote illegal activities
• sites that violate intellectual property rights

4) Can I participate if I live outside the United Kingdom?

Yes. We have Affiliates from all over the world and are working hard to add even more. All you need to join is a website (or an idea for one) that does not:
• promote sexually explicit material
• promote discrimination
• promote illegal activities
• violate intellectual property rights

We suggest that you read the complete text of the Operating Agreement before you join. You should also know that referral fees are paid upto 30 days after the end of each quarter by cheque in UK pounds sterling.

5) Can I apply to the Programme more than once?

Yes, you may submit multiple applications. Each application will generate its own unique Username. Each application will ensure you get a separate payment for each account you hold.

6) Can I take the order on my website and just send the customer and order information to

No. Our frequent catalogue, pricing and availability updates are all part of our integrated catalogue and ordering software. By using our system to quote availability and take orders, you ensure that your visitors get the most up-to-date information and ordering options available from us. In addition, a customers’ contact and billing information is crucial to our ability to offer the best customer service of any company on the Web. Let, the take care of everything, and enjoy the immediate value you add to your website by participating in the Affiliates Programme.

7) Can a non-profit-making organisation join the Affiliate Programme?

Yes, we encourage non-profit-making organisations to join our Programme. Joining the Affiliates Programme can add value to your site while bringing a new revenue stream to your organisation.

8) How much does pay me in referral fees?

You will be paid 10% of the total order value excluding P&P on orders generated as a result of someone clicking through to the Red Lizard Classic Motorcycles website from your link.

9) How does track orders coming from my website?

An Affiliate Username is assigned when you sign up through our online form. Links from Affiliates websites to us use a special format that includes this code. Every time a customer follows one of those links to our site, this unique URL tells us which Affiliate sent the customer to us.

10) Do you have an online reporting feature so that I can keep track of my earnings and traffic?

Yes. Login using the button at the top left of this page and you can view reports on how many visitors you sent to and the referral fees you have earned from any sales they have made. You can also update details about your Affiliates account with us. Simply login here or if you are not already a Affiliate, join now.

11) What products qualify for referral fees and how are the fees calculated?

All Red Lizard products qualify to earn referral fees. We have no complicated fee structure you simply earn 10% of the total order value generated excluding P&P.

12) When and how do I get paid?

We will pay you referral fees on a quarterly basis. Approximately 30 days following the end of each calendar quarter. We will send you payment for the referral fees on earned products that were dispatched during that quarter. The Operating Agreement states that if the fees payable to you for any calendar quarter are less than £10, we will hold those fees until the total amount due is at least £10 or (if earlier) until the Agreement with you is terminated. If a product that generated a referral fee is returned by the customer, we will deduct the corresponding fee from your next quarterly payment. If there is no subsequent payment, we reserve the right to send you a bill for the fee at the end of the following quarter.

13) Do I have to meet sales quotas or performance tiers before I can earn fees?

No; unlike many other Affiliate-style programmes, we do not require our Affiliates to meet sales quotas or performance tiers to earn their fees.

14) I have a question that has not been answered above?

Do not hesitate to contact us we will do our best to help you.

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