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Linking, Logos and Graphics

Thankyou for choosing to join the Red Lizard Classic Motorcycles Affiliate Scheme and refer potential customers from your site to ours.

Please choose one of the banner graphics below to add to your website. We recommend that you put the banner in a prominent place on your website ie. the homepage, to ensure maximum click throughs therefore increasing the number of sales and ultimately the commission you will be paid for those sales.

Right click any of the banners and click 'save image' to download the graphic. The link you should attach to the banner to ensure you are properly identified as the Affiliate is as follows:

Replace 'username' with the affiliate username which was in the affiliate confirmation email we sent to you.

If none of the banners below are particularly suitable for your website do not hesitate to contact us and where possible we will produce a banner specifically for your site. affiliate banner affiliate banner affiliate banner affiliate banner affiliate banner

If you have any problems implementing our affiliate program onto your own website please do not hesitate to contact us.
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